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The Fountain of Juice - Prescription: Nutrition

New CuriosityStream series "PRESCRIPTION: NUTRITION" Explores the Powerful Research Behind the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet.

Just in time to bolster those New Year's resolutions, a new documentary series premiering today on CuriosityStream demonstrates the life-saving importance of eating naturally grown foods, primarily whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

After having watched the first episode, we highly recommend checking it out for yourself. You can find a link at the bottom of this post where you can access it via a free 30-day subscription.

The four-part original series, Prescription: Nutrition, explores the powerful health benefits of a plant-based diet, illustrating how adding even just a single serving of vegetables each day can dramatically reduce the risk of chronic, life-threatening diseases. Beyond explaining the science behind why plants, whole grains, and legumes are good for you, Prescription: Nutrition also takes viewers on a culinary adventure, introducing simple, yet delectable meals that move vegetables to the center of the plate to satisfy even the most committed carnivores.

Prescription: Nutrition focuses on research and analysis by acclaimed nutrition experts Michael Greger, MD, a New York Times best-selling author and founder of, and Tracye McQuirter, a public health nutritionist whose book "By Any Greens Necessary" is one of the most highly regarded guides to plant-based nutrition.

"The number one cause of death and disability in the United States is our diet. So, nutrition may be the most powerful tool we have to prevent and treat chronic disease. Take dark, leafy greens -- they have a greater nutrient density than anything else we eat, and Harvard studies associate about a 20% drop in stroke and heart attack risk for each daily serving," said Dr. Greger. "But whole, natural foods are unbranded products without the high-powered marketing machine promoting more profitable processed foods. Prescription: Nutrition does an excellent job of spotlighting evidence-based nutrition and the science behind plant-based eating."

Also in the documentary, Chefs Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby, co-owners of Philadelphia's Vedge, V Street and Wiz Kid restaurants, lend their culinary expertise to demonstrate how a fresh take on plant-based cuisine can reshape the dining experience.

"We all know that eating more veggies is a good idea, but many people find it difficult to make a dramatic change in their diet and stick with it. And, for others, over-cooked or poorly prepared vegetables may have left a bad taste in their mouth since childhood," says Rob Burk, CuriosityStream's executive producer. "Prescription: Nutrition features amazing and simple recipes that will completely change your views on plant-based food. I was blown away."

New episodes in the series will premiere on CuriosityStream every two weeks, each focusing on a different aspect of the revolution in plant-based food and nutrition.

Episode 1 – Green Revolution explores the extraordinary health benefits of plant-based diets and the amazing revolution taking place on how we approach our relationship with food. Dr. Greger outlines how a diet comprised of whole, plant-based foods can dramatically improve well-being and longevity.

Episode 2 – Grain of Truth exposes how the industrial revolution opened the floodgates for highly-processed convenience foods that became "our daily bread." But those pseudo-grains are known to contribute to chronic disease. Natural, whole grains support longevity and lower the risk of heart disease. Grain of Truth also explores the debate over gluten as a dietary evil.

Episode 3 – Spilling the Beans spotlights some of nature's tiniest packages that deliver a powerful protein punch. Protein is an essential component of our diet, and for centuries, products of animal origin were thought to be one of the best sources. But, new evidence proves diets high in beans are one of the most important dietary predictors of survival for older people around the world.

Episode 4 – Nature's Candy reveals the surprising impact sugar can have on our health. The added sugars in most packaged foods are one of the deadliest ingredients in our modern diet. But the naturally-occurring sugars, antioxidants and nutrients found in most fruits and berries make these sweet treats some of the healthiest foods on our planet.

Click Here to start watching Episode 1 of Prescription: Nutrition.



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