Why Frozen?


Because juicing breaks down fruits and vegetable to such tiny parts, nutrients are lost very quickly after juicing. Juice is very perishable. It is critical that juice is consumed immediately after juicing or that it is frozen to preserve enzyme, mineral, phytonutrient, vitamin, chlorophyll, and lipid content. The freezing process has no effect on the nutrients of fruits and vegetables. Freezing is the best option to get fresh juices from us to you without compromising its nutritional integrity and giving you the convenience of not having to consume all of the juices right away.


All commercial juice is pasteurized, which is why it can sit on a shelf for months. NOT GOOD. Some fresh juice companies are also using high-pressure processing (HPP) and still calling it raw. Technically it isn't, and HPP DOES destroy enzyme activity.

Research regarding freezing and enzyme activity says that freezing does not destroy enzymes. Freezing is one of the oldest, widest used, and effective types of food preservation methods available. It is the same ancient technology that preserves living cells found in extinct animals that have been frozen for tens-of-thousands of years.

For food, freezing inactivates any microbes — bacteria, yeasts, and molds — present in food and prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause both food spoilage and foodborne illness.



When retention of nutritional components is a concern, freezing is probably the most effective preservation method when properly done. Let’s compare freezing to other juice preservation methods:

  • Bottled Store Bought – Almost all store bought juice has been pasteurized to kill off enzymes that cause spoilage. The problem is that the pasteurization process also kills beneficial enzymes and destroys most of the nutritional content of the juice. Pasteurization in effect “kills” the juice. Also, most store bought juice is not made from organic produce. During a cleanse, it is very important to not ingest pesticides and other toxic substances present in non-organic produce.
  • Frozen Store Bought – Prior to freezing, store bought frozen juice has been pasteurized. Also, most store bought frozen juice is not made from organic produce.
  • Bottled Raw – Bottled raw juice, like the type found in most other cleanses, is good immediately (within 30 minutes) after juicing. The problem is juice perishes very quickly. Hours after juicing, very little nutrients remain.

To learn more about the differences between our juice and typical store bought juice, visit our WHY TFOJ page.