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Does the 3pm wall hit your team hard? Are you hosting a morning board meeting and want to impress your clients? Want to treat your team to a healthy alternative to sodas and juice from concentrate? Are your employees getting the proper nutrition and added stamina from a nutritious lunch?

Studies show that 43% of adults skip lunch at least once a week with 20% missing lunch at least three times a week. Consumers tend to prioritize food that is “easy to eat” over “health considerations”.

The Fountain of Juice is the fuel to get those creative juices flowing during your early morning meeting, avoid the midday blues and is a great conversation starter with new or returning clients at your next board meeting.

We can safely predict that our nutrient dense juice will make your team more focused, sharper and more efficient. Investing in their physical health and mental well-being proves to make happier, loyal employees with less sick days.

Our Program

The Fountain of Juice provides the essentials that allow you to lead your busy life without compromising your health. Our corporate wellness packages are healthy, delicious, and convenient. We will work with your business to have our products onsite and available for your staff and clients. You can continue to promote the wellness of your employees by allowing them to order and pick up their own raw juices at work as well.

Imagine what it says to your clients when they are offered 100% Raw, nutritious and delicious juices in place of the typical sodas and coffee. It will be a great conversation starter and reinforce the image of your organization you are trying to promote.

Benefits of Juice at Work

  • Increased focus
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower long-term health care costs
  • Fewer sick days
  • Healthier and happier employees
  • Improved office culture

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