The Fountain of Juice 100% Raw Juice "Classic" Cleanse Cold-Pressed No-HPP (5 Day)

Product Description

Give your body a rest from having to process fats, additives, and countless other toxins that work their way into our diet.

The TFOJ 5-Day Cleanse is an intense detoxification process over the course of an extended period of time. We recommend this type of cleanse only to those who have vast experience consuming raw juice. It features thirty (30) of our 100% Raw Juices to naturally cleanse and detoxify your system. It is like a spring cleaning for your body. Free of the burden of digestion, the body will begin the process of shedding toxins that have built up over the years.

Our cold-pressed raw juices will help flush everything out and work to rebuild your immune system while flooding the body with necessary vitamins, nutrients, and living enzymes. While using very little energy to soak up these essential building blocks, it allows your body to rebuild, renew and heal naturally.

Doing a cleanse is the perfect way to help "reset" your body, in a move to a more healthy diet.

DELIVERY NOTE: Our juice is shipped frozen to preserve nutrient and enzyme density. When ordering, please be ready to receive the delivery, as it is perishable and needs to either be stored in the freezer or refrigerator to maintain freshness and quality.

16 oz. bottles


Allergy Notice: MAY CONTAIN
This product is produced in a facility that also processes tree nuts.

$ 229.95