The Fountain of Juice 100% Raw No-HPP Chocolate Almond Nut Milk (8 Pack)

Product Description

This decadent offering is crafted using our raw almond milk and Ojio Arriba organic cacao powder, made from beans harvested from the native-born heirloom Ecuadorian species Arriba Nacional-Fino de Aroma. Considered to have the finest aroma and flavor, this Arriba cacao powder is sun dried, hand peeled, and stone ground by native artisans to preserve its natural mineral density.

The combination of almonds and cacao make for one superfood rich and potent nut milk that is a naturally lactose-free and tasty, healthy alternative to dairy or soy.

DELIVERY NOTE: Our nut milk is shipped frozen to preserve nutrient and enzyme density. When ordering, please be ready to receive the delivery, as it is perishable and needs to either be stored in the freezer or refrigerator to maintain freshness and quality.

16 oz. bottles


Allergy Notice: CONTAINS
This product contains tree nuts.

$ 59.95